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*** Rather than try to harmonise prices + VAT with the prices on Cults3D which handles it differently, the discount code "no-vat" should chop 20% off the price (note VAT will still be added, but the price difference should be lower) ***

Apparently thinking up crazy ideas for real spaceships all day isn't enough for me, so I create fictional ones... Advice, comments, suggestions, and requests are all welcome!

Thank you all for your kind comments and generous tips, I'm sorry if I don't personally thank all of you.

Please don't sell these onto Shapeways! It's a breach of the CC license these models were made under. However, if you don't have a printer and want small spaceships, they are now available at Scourge Scenics! Check out

I am open to commissions, however at the moment I am extremely busy.

I've also started collecting my random musings and some helpful advice on modelling and printing in blog form:

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Dark Mech Pack

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Elfdar Ancient Tank Hunters

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Alces Pattern Light Cruisers

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Marine Attack Frigate

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Elfdar Ancients Light Tank

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Abyss-Class Dreadnought

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Elfdar Ancients Medium Tanks


Imperial Omnicruiser

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Voss Pattern Pack

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